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Food Retail Store, Edgbaston


Food Retail Store, Edgbaston

Located next to the impressive redeveloped Warwickshire country cricket ground, the store forms part of a wider mixed use development including apartments and a hotel by Calthorpe Estates. Discussions with the local planning authority prescribed the orientation of the building, facing into the site with no active street frontage and required a significant building height to balance with adjacent buildings.

“In addition to providing visual continuity and cohesion the developer also required that the materials match the rest of the development being”

The street frontage was articulated on plan to break the elevation into three parts reflecting the staff area, storage and loading area. Sandstone coloured facing blockwork was used to define the ends of the elevation tying in the store to the wider development. To increase the height a shallow inverted ‘v’ roof design covers the main retail area but not the welfare block and loading bay. This results in a dynamic silhouette, avoiding the ‘big large box’ profile.