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Food Retail Store, Lewes

Food Retail Store, Lewes

The concept for this store was to reduce the cost of building a retail outlet whilst improving efficiencies in the store operation and reducing the build time.

As a starting point the initial concept of a lightweight steel frame with a fully clad exterior emanated from Austria, adapted to suit UK suppliers and regulations.

A cladding panel more commonly used for cold storage facilities was used as it provided excellent properties to withstand windloading allowing reduced fixing centres, this then enabled the steel frame to be reduced in weight. A GRP moulded unit panel system was used for the entrance canopy as opposed to a metal profiled cladding unit. Internally, concrete upstands were cast in-situ along with the floor slab to provide protection to the wall panels.

The store was completed for less than the equivalent standard and will be monitored in use to evaluate its performance and any design aspects incorporated into future stores.